Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Program out of beta phase

Oh well, finally my program on MHD simulations works ok. It was tested in different ways and now produces proper FITS files and plots. No bugs so far in this version. It reads inputs from a preset input file and then processes the data file listed in the input file, based on other inputs from the same file.

Our time table is up, classes started today for me, but I am away from Goa. I will return to a full weeks' schedule, with one more new course this semester. So, this blog will see much more on Electromagnetic Fields and Waves.

Monday, January 08, 2007

MHD simulations

I have been working with MHD simulations of my collaborator, Miguel de Avillez. My C++ program still sticks like a sore thumb, even after 6 months of work. There is still a bug in reading/plotting the data. However, I think I am on top of it for now. The next step is to create position to velocity maps for comparison with Miguel's own column density plots.