Friday, October 06, 2006

Making an Amateur Radio Telescope

Radio Interferrometer

Today I detailed the entire telescope project with Anita. The standard components will be:
  1. Two antennas, separated by about 100 meters. To begin with, of course, we will start with one antenna. Signal frequency of 40/60 MHz +- 5 MHz
  2. Pre-amplifier will be required in at least one case, to boost the signal by 20 dB and carry it over 100 meters. Signal freq 40/60 MHz +- 5 MHz.
  3. RF to IF conversion followed by an appropriate filter: 0-2 MHz band chosen.
  4. IF amplification, possibly two amplifiers back to back for 40 dB or so gain: signal freq. 0-2 MHz.
  5. Phase shifter and adder (with 90 degrees phase difference), followed by a detector. The output is a amplitude time series at the rate of 1/16 second.
This kind of project requires a team of students, possibly 8 students working on different aspects simultaneously. Complex job, but it will be fun if we invest their time in it...

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