Tuesday, July 03, 2007

LO and Sampler Frequency Solution

We have our RF band as 73 - 74.6 MHz. Using one of the frequencies given by the Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator, we would like to generate LO (of) such (frequency) that, our band is folded at some suitable IF. The end of the IF band should be the sampler frequency, again one of those given by the oscillator.

The first image is one such combination for the RF band and LO (plotted very quickly using PLOT program in Mac).

Given the 0.26 MHz band ending at 4.096 MHz beyond LO (70 MHz), the IF band looks as given in the second figure. The IF band now falls between 0 MHz and 4.096 MHz, although mostly empty (0-3.75 MHz), due to our RF filter.

The band is now sampled with 8.192 MHz, the sub-harmonic of 16.384 MHz from the oscillator.

Since both LO and sampler frequency are derived from the same ref, there should be more stability in the system.

One can have another combination of such a LO and sampler frequencies. As an exercise, try these two frequencies and draw the plots: LO (76.8 MHz) and Sampler (5 MHz).

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