Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Processing HI cube - II

A) We now have a cube V_los(x,y,z)

  1. Compute V_min and V_max (extrema) of V_los matrix,
  2. Create new array V_obs, where velocity values (V_los) range from V_min to V_max, in steps of 1 km/s,

B) We want an output image matrix, OUT(x,y,z), where x_i corresponds to V_obs(i)

  1. Scan the V_los(x,y,z) matrix; say, V = V_los(x,y,z)
  2. If V1 < V < V2, then OUT(v,y,z) += rho(x,y,z)
  3. Repeat a & b for energy and pressure.

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