Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008: Plans and Actions

Order not so crucial, but wish list is quite doable, right?

  1. Get SAX paper out of the door.
  2. Finish analysing MHD cube, how many chimneys will i lose due to sensitivity and resolution limits? Can we count holes in HI for a large number of MHD simulations?
  3. B0809+74, what is the circulation time?
  4. B0834+06, what is the problem with the circulation time at 35 MHz? How does the polar pattern look at higher frequencies?
  5. 2-antenna interference on 3/4 major sources: from amplitude/ phase calibration of fringes, can we tell the sizes of sources with fringes observed?
  6. Can we make crude images with even 10 different u-v tracks with a 2-antenna telescope?
  7. Can we use the Moon for occultation studies?
  8. Astrophysics - II course.
  9. Meditate in Leh.
  10. Maha working towards her higher studies abroad.

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