Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to address India's education problem - III - School-college chain

This post is second in the series after the first one and second one. I propose to alleviate the problem by having a chain of teacher-training colleges and schools. If you remember, the problems we face are:
  1. Not having enough schools
  2. Not having good enough schools
Our solution will first train teachers to teach in a manner 'desirable'. This attacks the second problem, whereby we change the structure of school education and the learning pattern through our teachers.

We will place trained teachers in 'willing schools' . If needed, we will start schools within a periphery of 20 km of the college. Over a period of time, we intend have enough schools and teachers for every child in the vicinity.

Obviously we can't solve both the problems a day or even a year. The plan will involve increase the number of schools /colleges, from (1 college + 5 schools) to (50 colleges + 500 schools) in 2 decades. If each school holds 200 students, we will be teaching a million students.

Of course, there are 4 pre-conditions:
  • Education policy
  • Funding
  • Parental interest
  • Democracy and civil rule

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