Monday, September 10, 2012

Educating India: Colleges

Colleges will train teachers for
  1. for democratic pedagogy: It is not easy to grant rights to minors and listen to their valid demands.
  2. for life-oriented learning: Teachers should become innovative and mix different techniques to make learning enjoyable and worthy of hard-work. This means that learning has to be oriented towards lives of students.
  3. to remove teachers' own previous biases and background: We all are humans, and carry our 'culture' with us. It is important to unlearn our habits and past karma, at least to certain degree become aware of them.
Several schools embody these principles (and more), JK Foundation runs 'Rishi Valley Schools', then there is 'Geniekids', or 'Srujan Anand'. However, relatively very few schools also go on to train more teachers in a more systematic way. Geniekids, and now Azim Premji University aspires to do this. This has to grow as a movement, spread as a contagion and take roots as a Banyan tree...

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