Thursday, January 09, 2014

Education: what do I/we mean by it?

I wish to write more details about how to orient an undergraduate teaching program in a liberal arts setting. Given the influence of Harvard's "Peer Instruction" and how radical schools (Summerhill and Tagore's Shantiniketan) approach school teaching, I would like to remodel the undergraduate program along similar lines. I will illustrate details using Physics/Astronomy examples, but I believe the principles will apply to other science/social-science streams as well. 

Here is an outline of my future posts: the color codes indicate various groupings under which I will attempt to address the various questions. Perhaps the answers clubbed in this way will allow more systematic thought into this set of problems.

  1. What does a man/woman learn?
  2. What is learning?
  3. What use is learning?
  4. Learner, society, industry...
  5. How to learn?
  6. How can a 'learner' be helped best?
  7. How does 'skill-gap' occur?
  8. What use of a structured program for learning?
  9. How to bridge skill gap through structured degree programs?
  10. What is the right model of higher education?
  11. Economics of higher education.

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