Friday, June 29, 2007

AIPS : initial calib idea

Initial Calibration steps in AIPS

  1. INDXR
  2. First clip source for arbitrarily high points (100 KJy), due to correlator errors. (CLIPM)

  3. SETJY to set fluxes of prim calib sources in SU table
  4. CALIB on prim calib to find antenna solutions, SN tab 1
  5. CALIB on second calib : SN tab 2
  6. GETJY to calculate second calib fluxes to second calib (using SN and SU tables)
  7. CLCAL apply second calib source calibration to target sources: CL tab 2

Now, one is free to excise interference. once one has cleaned all the data, return to step 4 above to redo the calibration process (after deleting all SN and CL tables generated above).

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