Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is our PM senile?

One of Gandhi's letter goes on sale somewhere in the world, and some concerned 'Gandhians' wake up and write to the PM. Our ever-ready prime-minister orders Ministry of External Affairs to intervene to 'acquire' the letter from the Christie's.

Now, either those Gandhians have no better work to do than asking my poor country to pay up 10,000 pounds for a stupid piece of paper. Or PM has gone senile to provide so much of attention to some old, half-dead people. Or, perhaps I have too much time to ponder over such matter.

BUT, NO! It's my fu***ng tax money, and some oldies are looting it. They, by virtue of their age, do not pay any tax, if I remember correctly.

Update: India may serve a notice to Christie's, looks like the Law department has nothing much to do either. There are so many legal reforms pending, all we think of is one piece of paper...

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