Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I read the book Freakonomics. The book entertains and just gleams economic incentives in many daily issues (of largely American life). However, the best thing was the data about education gleamed from US schools, the incentives for cheating in high-stake exams. Thinking on that line, here are a few questions that arose in my mind:

  1. What is the incentive for a student to join a school? Or, in other words, can we convince every parent and child to take education seriously, think long term, invest time and money in it?

  2. What is the incentive for a bank or financial company to fund a student for his schooling? Can a micro-finance company find some benefits in spreading basic education in rural areas?

  3. What is the reason that students sleep in my class? Or what incentive do they have in listening to me and to work harder on the course material?

  4. What is the incentive that I keep myself in education? What would make me stop and move away from Goa?

The last one is a serious question too!

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